Amazing Kili

Kilian often amazes me. Today he was crying terribly because his stupid iPad game told him about a special offer for an in-app-purchase but I insisted that I can only buy it if he pays it with his pocket money but he had already spent all his allowance for this week.

We then explained him extensively that the people who have developed this game have spent lots of energy and hired children psychologists to make him so unhappy so that the would spend more and more of his money and that he should get rid of the app, and that we would check for a different game with him that doesn’t need in-app purchases.

Suddenly he just grabbed his iPad and deleted the app he had played now for several weeks and had already reached a rather high level. 

I then immediately bought him two cool new apps as a special reward for handling this situation in such a good way. Kili and I agreed that “Super Toilet Rat” is the most awesome name for an iPad game ever ever!