USA – Day 21 – Busch Gardens


While Susanna and Keagan went to the Florida Aquarium Oli and I visited Busch Gardens in Tampa and enjoyed some of the wildest rollercoaster rides one can imagine. We really had quite a ride! Check out the video of the newest attraction here.

USA – Day 17 – Beach with Babysitters


Today we had the first day on the beach with the two babysitters Susanna hired. Keagan enjoyed supermuch to have his 2 personal slaves. Kayla and Ariel were very nice with him and we are very happy to have found them.

USA – Day 16 – Longboat Key


We had a good journey from Silver Springs to Longboat Key and were happy to finish our nomadic life and have a place to stay for 2 weeks. Longboat Key just such a wonderful place and the weather is going to be great (up to 31 degrees). This evening Oli should show up and he will stay with us for a while.

USA – Day 14 – GA Pig


Before leaving Georgia we needed some more good BBQ food. So we stopped at the World famous GA Pig BBQ place directly at exit 29 of the Interstate in direction Florida. The ribs and the pulled pork were not as good as the ones from Curly but also a real treat.

USA – Day 13 – Jekyll Island

Our holidays just keep getting better and better. Jekyll Island is such an unbelivable place. It’s like time traveling, because here everything still looks like 100 years ago when this place was a club for the richest families of the States like the Purlitzers, Vanderbilts or J. P. Morgans. It’s a real Grand-Hotel with all comfort, really nice staff, lovely rooms and great food. Here some pictures of the hotel itself:


And here are some pictures of the park around the hotel:


The main means of transportation of Jekyll are bicycles. So Keagan and I went for a lovely bike ride:



Unforgetable is also the view in the evening onto the marshland in direction mainland and the sunset:


Jekyll is really a place we fell completely in love with and hope to somewhen visit again for more then 2 nights!

All pictures of Jekyll Island

USA – Day 12 – Savannah



What a beautiful city this is! No wonder it is called the “Jewel of the south” and “most beautiful city of the USA”. It’s quiet small for an american city (the center is only one square-mile) but it has a lot to offer in architecture, parks and nice shops. We just loved all the trees in the streets. It’s such a green city as you can see on the pictures. We spent a long time on a lovely playground and had a picnic in Forsyth Park before going on on the coastal highway 17 in direction Jekyll Island.

Photos from Savannah

USA – Day 11 – Isle of Palms


After leaving Isle of Palms we enjoyed a superfantastic lunch at SeeWee Restaurant. Already the building itself is very original. It’s an old grocery store that is now a restaurant with many southern specialities. We had calamares, fried green tomatoes, crab cakes, sweetpotato mash, blueplate dish of creole shrimps, peanutbutter cake and banana pudding and everything was superdelicious.

Now we are already in Savannah and enjoy a lazy evening in our very nice hotel room.

Photos of Isle of Palms and SeeWee Restaurant