Heute ist Halloween. Miles, Kilian Lennon und ich wollten eigentlich alle zusammen als PowerRangers gehen. Da wir aber erst gestern Kostümekaufen gingen, haben wir nicht alle gewünschten Kostüme gefunden. Zum Glück fand ich dann ein cooles HALO-Kostüm. Für Kili und Miles hatte es Power Ranger Kostüme in der richtigen Grösse. Lennon hat ein süsses batgirl Kostüm genommen.

Nachdem Miles von der Schule abgeholt wurde, spielen wir ein Bisschen Minecraft und Lego bis 5 Uhr. Dann ziehen wir uns die Kostüme an und gehen raus.

Dort sehen wir, wie die ganze Nachbarschaft, sich bereit macht. Unser Plan ist, dass wir die Strasse lang laufen, zuerst auf einer Seite, dann auf der anderen. Wir dürfen nicht über die Strasse, ausser wenn wir es müssen. Wir gehen jeweils zu einem Haus, wenn jemand aufmacht sagen wir „trick or treat!“ und bekommen Süssigkeiten sehr viele Häuser finde ich zwar, dass sie ein bisschen übertrieben haben, aber die meisten sind sehr schön. Sie haben Geister und Skelette aus dem Dollar Store und eine Familie hat sogar aus ihrem Eingang einen Monster Mund gemacht!

Nach unserer Rückkehr muss ich meine Süssigkeiten auf den Tisch legen und meine Mutter nimmt die Hälfte von meiner Beute!


Sie hat genau das auch mit Kili gemacht, also hat sie jetzt soviel wie Kili und ich zusammen!

Wir gehen zu den Grosseltern und sie händigen einen Silly-String-Spray und Leuchtstäbchen aus. Silly-String ist ein Schaumstoff, der wie Luftschlangen benutzt wird. Die Grosseltern haben auch (finde ich) ein bisschen übertrieben. Alle sprayen mich, weil ich keinen bekommen habe. Später jedoch bekomme ich den letzten während die Sprays aller anderen leer waren. Kilian, Miles und Lennon verbünden sich aber gegen mich und ich muss wegrennen. Leider bin ich ich dann hingefallen, was wirklich schmerzhaft war. Das war das schmerzhafte Ende eines eigentlich schönen Tages.

U.S.A. Texas Geographie

The U.S:

Across the Atlantic lies the United States of America, the capitol is called Washington D.C. With a size of 9,8 million square km the U.S. is about 238 times as big as Switzerland. Theire national day is on the fourth of July also called independance day, commemorating the adoption of the Decleration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The Continental Congress declared that they regarded themselves as a new nation, the United Statesof America, and were no longer part of the British empire.



Texas is about 17 times as big as Switzerland. That means that 17 Switzerlands would fit into Texas and Texas is only 1 of the 50 States of America (48 States are attached and 2 (Alaska and Hawaij) aren’t). Texas is the 2nd largest State in the U.S by both area and population.

Six flaggs over Texas summs up the states eventfull history. It is called that way because 6 different countrys ruled over Texas: Spain, France, Mexico, the republic of Texas, the confederate States of america and the U.S.A.

This is texases flag:


As you see there is one star on it. That’s why Texas is also called the lone star state.


3 of texases borders are defined by rivers. The 4 natural regions are (map)

mountains and basins: large mountains that are seperated by basins. Mostly dessert. Part of the rocky mountain chain.

The great plaines: An eveleted plateau often called the sea of grass. Once home to immense herds of buffalo.

The northcentrall plaines: Mainly rural ranching and agriculture. Mostly plaines but also some trees.

Coastal plaines: Borders the Gulf of Mexico, which gives it low marshy coasts. It has hot humid Summers and mild winters. It recieves lots of rain.


Schweren Herzens sagen wir das Sommerfest ab. Drei unabhängige Wetter Apps sind ausnahmsweise gleicher Meinung 🙁

Hoffentlich klappt es nächstes Jahr!

Christmas Holidays

Written by Keagan:

We’re having holidays in La Tzoumaz which is in the canton Valais. We rented a nice  chalet (wooden house), and there we like playing board games and laser tag.

In short we were having a very nice time except that Riddles go on trips almost every day and there is only enough room in the car for 7 people and so only one of the Linder kids can come and today that’s isn’t me and that’s why im writing today not tomorrow and not yesterday but today. But that’s not the point, otherwise I would be reading my book, you know at the moment the book is just so boring. And so I just don’t know what to do.

Yesterday we went to Chillon castle which is beside lake Geneva.

Me and Lucas went and searched for tunnels or secret passages and went through them then we usually arrived in a place that we had were already in once and said: “Oh have we been here before? Lets go into that room where the others are” We went there and said “I wonder where this tunnel goes” and we started at the beginning. While we were doing this Ruben was going into rooms and made puns about them.

for example:

“If you don’t like something about this room then now its time to get it of your chest.”


We went onto Towers and looked at the weapons room. I found out that it was highly fortified and it was only taken over once by the Bernese but when they went and searched for the count they found out that he ran away through a secret passage. The prisoners were freed and they could live like normal citizens.

Then we went to Montreux and had pizza for lunch and afterwards drove home and played boardgames and Lasertag (another nice day in the Mountains).

Kilian reading


In the last weeks we motivated Kili to read with little Lego sets that he got for every book he finished. Now I told him that we are running out of Lego sets and asked him if he will anyway go on with reading. His answer

“Of course! I love reading! It’s like watching a movie!”