My first race

My first real race was quite ambitious (25k, 1200m  altitude difference) and didn’t go exactly as planned (failure of one of the sandal laces, so I had to take a shortcut in the end) but it was anyway lots of fun. I will sure be back next year.

Running in El Gouna

I guess golf resorts are my new favorite holiday destination. The cobblestone tracks for the golf carts are perfect for barefoot running, the view of this tracks is very picturesque and the the golf club house is well equipped to provide a nice drink after the run.

Running in Central Park

I was lucky and got a day off while Susanna went with the kids to Bronx Zoo. After sleeping till lunch I took the underground to Central Park and took the long run of 10km around the whole park. I was quite a bit surprised of how hilly the track was and it was quite hot but in the end I did it and Esther will sure confirm that I have drawn a nice pattern on the map 🙂

Just click on the picture above to see some photos and the stats of the run.

Running in Hyde Park

It’s actually a really good idea to take a running addict with you for holidays. It makes you get up every morning 6:30 and run around Hyde-Park:

And that’s what Hyde Park looks like 7 o’clock in the morning:

I also have to mention my very cool new vibram fivefingers running-shoes. I made already about 32 km with them this week and it’s really a great feeling very close to running barefoot.