Snowboarding Klewenalp

As a extra special birthday present to myself I skipped a day at work and went for snowboarding to Klewenalp. It was an amazing day with perfect snow and weather.

Crans Montana

Before Susanna starts again her job next week I got the okay from her to spend a snowboard weekend with Carola in Crans Montana. This is really something very generous considering the fact that our little one is teething at the moment which makes especially the nights really tough.

We really had a fantastic time. Not only was the weather really gorgeous but the snow situation was also way better then predicted.

Another highlight was the cheese fondue  I could enjoy in the lovely company of Carola and which was for definitely of the best I ever had.

Already over

On our last day we had still breakfast in the appartment and Keagan went for a last easter egg hunt. His godmother Carola who normally lives in this appartment had hidden about a gazillion chocolate easter eggs in the appartment and the last two he found when sitting naked in the hammock while I was hovering the appartment.

On the way home we stopped in Bern to enjoy a few hours in the new wellness place BernAqua. Keagan loved the big slide and also had fun with Louis (the 5 year old son of an ex-client of mine we met by coincidence). Keagan must have really liked this trip to the Alps, because when we drove off in Bern to get back home he insisted that we should drive again back to Crans-Montana and stay in Carola’s appartment. He got very cross when I told him that there is no other option than to go home to Aarau.

Here a last picture of our very cool snowboarder with his very nice lion-board.

What a day!

After having a delicious brunch in Café Gerber Keagan and I waited in the appartement till the rain would stop. When it finally stopped, Keagan of course insisted that it only did so because he was singing the “oh du goldigs Suenneli” (Golden sun, please shine again) for hours 🙂 before.
So we went up to Aminona and I fixated the Snowboard on Keagan’s shoes. I was actually expecting that Keagan would tell me after 30 seconds that he wants to go home, but to my big surprise the only sentences I heard for the next 60 minutes was “faster!” and “don’t hold me!”. He really made very good movements and didn’t care at all when he fell but luckily the snow was really soft today.

After a while I realized that we already went very far downhill and we had to walk all the way back because I was on foot anyway. So we walked back up to the station but not without stopping a few times and having fun with the very soft snow. We even enjoyed partially sunny weather up there as you can see on the picture bellow.

When we reached the station we still had some time, so we built a snow slide which was damn fast.

After such a an arduous day it’s really amazing to see how much pizza fits into a 3 year old boy. In the end there were only two slices left and back in the appartment (20 minutes later) he considered it possible that he would still have some space for a yogurt.