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Our friend Kurt made some really great carot apple juice for us with his juicer. So we decided, that we also need one of these things (especially because juicers cost about half the price in the States). We ended up buying the Omega 8003 which is a really versatile machine. Since we’re back we juice almost every day and Keagan is a great help.

USA – Day 4


Today we went to the largest shopping mall in the country in terms of leasable retail space. It’s called “King of Prussia” and has hundreds of shops and 4 food courts so you can easily spend a whole day there. It’s really amazing that American products are sometimes half the price you would pay in Europe.

Keagan is still very quite and weak, and 10 minutes after arrival Keagan had already pooed into his pants. A good reason for us to buy some new ones. At least he ate some banana and quite an amount of Häagen-Dazs icecream.