Running in Hyde Park

It’s actually a really good idea to take a running addict with you for holidays. It makes you get up every morning 6:30 and run around Hyde-Park:

And that’s what Hyde Park looks like 7 o’clock in the morning:

I also have to mention my very cool new vibram fivefingers running-shoes. I made already about 32 km with them this week and it’s really a great feeling very close to running barefoot.

Crazy Day!

We had such a perfect day till early afternoon. Keagan and I went for a walk in the forest, then Keagan stayed at grandpa’s while Susanna and I went to the Thai Restaurant for lunch (all you can eat buffet). Afterwards I brought Keagan to his best friend Lukas where he was supposed to spend the afternoon while Susanna and I would pack for our trip to London.
Then the s… hit the fan when our Hotel in London called us to inform us that all flights to Great Britain are cancelled thanks to a Icelandic volcano (you probably all have heard about it in the news by now). Because life is so bloody unfair one can still fly to Iceland, but we really don’t feel for going there except for beating up some people who can’t control their damn volcanoes 🙂
But somehow we will get there. If not by plane then by train! Next blog entry is going to be live from London, promise!

London – Day 9

For the last day Kevin (our couchsurfing friend) had the brilliant idea to go to Holland Park with us. We’ve never before been to this park and were completely fascinated by the beauty of it. Parts of it really look like a very lush and wild forest and others are very neetly trimed and stylish like for example the Kyoto garden you can see on the pictures bellow


Kevin’s girls are really cute and very friendly. We hope to see them again next year on London or perhaps they find somewhen time to visit us in Switzerland.


We had a very busy time exploring both playgrounds in this park and in the bus on the way back to the appartment Keagan fell asleep.


Keagan went on sleeping for the whole 75 minutes cab trip to the airport.


We had a very pleasant flight back from City Airport London to Zurich with British Airways. City Airport is really very convenient because it’s so tiny (only about 3 million passengers per year compared to 70 million in Heathrow). What is really fun here is that you walk by foot from the gate to the plane like in the old times.

London – Day 8

Today we spent a lovely day in Kew Gardens. This is really the most amazing park on the planet with aprox 50’000 different plants and also many animals. We spent a great time watching ducks, goslings, peacocks, coots and greedy squirrels.


We also enjoyed the newest attraction which is a 18 meter high and 200 meter long Treetop walkway in the tree canopy of a woodland glade.


From there we had also a lovely view onto the temperature house, which is the world’s largest surviving Victorian glass structure.


Inside this bulding is the biggest indoor palm tree on the planet.


For dinner I went once again to Gold Mine but this time Susanna stayed home with Keagan and my mother joined me. She enjoyed a peking duck while I indulged in the house speciality which is the cantonese roast duck (which you can see in the lower right corner of the picture below). This was definitely the best duck dish I’ve ever had.


London – Day 7

Today the weather was not too great. So Susanna and Keagan took the doubledecker bus


and went once again to the London Aquarium while my mother and I visited the National Gallery.

For dinner we went again to Gold Mine for a delicious Peking Duck (I wrote about this restaurant last year)