Christmas Holidays

Written by Keagan:

We’re having holidays in La Tzoumaz which is in the canton Valais. We rented a nice  chalet (wooden house), and there we like playing board games and laser tag.

In short we were having a very nice time except that Riddles go on trips almost every day and there is only enough room in the car for 7 people and so only one of the Linder kids can come and today that’s isn’t me and that’s why im writing today not tomorrow and not yesterday but today. But that’s not the point, otherwise I would be reading my book, you know at the moment the book is just so boring. And so I just don’t know what to do.

Yesterday we went to Chillon castle which is beside lake Geneva.

Me and Lucas went and searched for tunnels or secret passages and went through them then we usually arrived in a place that we had were already in once and said: “Oh have we been here before? Lets go into that room where the others are” We went there and said “I wonder where this tunnel goes” and we started at the beginning. While we were doing this Ruben was going into rooms and made puns about them.

for example:

“If you don’t like something about this room then now its time to get it of your chest.”


We went onto Towers and looked at the weapons room. I found out that it was highly fortified and it was only taken over once by the Bernese but when they went and searched for the count they found out that he ran away through a secret passage. The prisoners were freed and they could live like normal citizens.

Then we went to Montreux and had pizza for lunch and afterwards drove home and played boardgames and Lasertag (another nice day in the Mountains).

Boat Trip


One day before departure we still made it on boat and could spot some really nice wild life


and the boys had also fun playing Captain



We even passed our beloved Long Beach, but to the boys disappointment no dolphins around today. Maybe next time!

Beach House

The kids are building sand castles while we enjoy our peanut-butter-cake and key-lime-margarita. What a perfect place!

Bye Oli

While we still have 3 days left we had to say bye to Oli today who still will spend a few days on New York before also flying home to Switzerland. It was really nice having him with us.