Sommerfest findet nicht statt

Liebe Freunde
Leider sieht das Wetter zu schlecht aus für ein Fest im Garten. Somit verschieben wir den Anlass auf nächsten Sommer. Trotzdem wünschen wir Euch einen ganz schönen Sonntag.

Perfect Spring Sunday

We spent the perfect day at the Aare river today with our friends. Building a fire, roast sausages and chocolate bananas. Kids playing in the sand while the adults are talking about Life, the Universe and Everything.

Not that much to improve here…

Bye Oli

While we still have 3 days left we had to say bye to Oli today who still will spend a few days on New York before also flying home to Switzerland. It was really nice having him with us.

Nice day

After a lovely day with our friends Anja and Clemens and their kids Ella and Amon:

Me: “Was it a nice day?”
Keagan: “A very very very very very very nice day!”
Me: “What was the best thing today”
Keagan: “Amon!”