Afternoon with Zora, Felix and Emil

Zora and Felix invited us to their place and we had a really great afternoon with starting a fire in the forest, singing scout-songs (with Zora playing the guitar), roasting sausages and bread over the fire and also preparing chocolate bananas in the embers. Above one can see Felix and Keagan being very dedicated in keeping the fire burning blowing air into it.

In the late afternoon the boys played peacefully together on their patio so Zora and I could talk a lot and I was allowed to hold her super-cute precious little Emil in my arms while he was asleep and having very cute dreams about nursing with lots of smiling involved.

Nature Reserve

Juerg had the great idea to spend an afternoon in the nature reserve with the two boys. We built a little dam for them (see picture), so they could play with their boats without loosing them and we also did a little fire to grill sausages. It was really gorgeous.

Daytrip to Rigi

We spent a wonderful sightseeing day with Vesna and Lili. First we traveled to Lucerne and there we took a paddle-steamer to Vitznau and there we took the cog railway to Rigi. Vesna made some really vintage style photos  of us and the train.





Snake Spotting

Keagan and I spent a lovely day with the Altpfadiverein at the banks of Alpnachersee  with some local snake experts. We spottet quite a number of snakes (3 different kinds) and were also allowed to touch and hold them.
Keagan was pretty impressed and had to giggle out loud when the snake’s tongue touched his hand.




We celebrated Sarah’s Birthday by spending a lovely day at the Zurich Zoo. After a whole day running around Keagan was so tired, he fell asleep in the tram.



Today we went to Bern with Meeshell and Edwin. We were superlucky with the weather so the view from Münsterturm was gorgeous. On the way home we did a detour over Interlaken, Brienz and Lucerne.