Susanna’s Cherry Germs

Susanna’s newest crafts project are cherry germs to stay warm during winter. Perfect timing because there was a huge temperature drop today. The kids love them!



Last night we tried to sell Susanna’s crafts on the Nachtmarkt. We were not too successful but blame it 100% on the wrong target audience at this event 🙂
At least we had very entertaining everning and will definitely give it another try soon.

Being diligent

In the last few days while Susanna sewed and filled 126 lavender pillows and was also working on some other crafts projects.


I was busy working in the kitchen and trying out recipes from “The Baking Bible” to improve my bread baking mojo. The most brilliant recipe till now was the “Tyrolean Ten-Grain” which as the name suggests really contains all this grains


and is quite an amount of work but the end result is the definitely one of the most delicious things that ever came out of our oven.


Lion hat

Susanna made a batch of very cute lion hats. I’m looking forward to see them on Keagan or other children who can match him in cuteness 🙂



At the moment Susanna is really diligent with her crafts projects. This is a kimono for Andrea’s unborn child which is made out of a fabric we found in a crafts shop in Savannah.