Bray Family

It was so much fun to have the Bray family in the house the last 5 days. The kids were so cute with Kili and also Keagan enjoyed it a lot to have 2 temporary bigger siblings in the house. And last but not least we adults had also a brilliant time enjoying nice food & wine and talking about life, the universe and everything. We will sure visit them in Perth on our next Australia trip.

Couchsurfers from Lyon

After a quite long break we finally had again the pleasure of hosting couchsurfers. Kathrin, Ingolf and their little boy Maximilian are a very sweet family. It was so cute to look at our little sons (who are the same age) crawling through our apartment together. Maximilian is just adorable and his parents are great guests. We talked a lot about parenting and even more about sleep deprivation 🙂

Couchsurfers from Turkey

We had a nice evening with our new couchsurfer friends from Istanbul. Alper used to live near Aarau and wanted to take a trip down memory lane and so the guys (including Keagan) drove to all the remote places Alper remembered from his childhood in Switzerland. They also visited several people Alper still knew from back then and Keagan was delighted that most of them served either cake or cookies.

Having returned from their trip, they played with Keagan and his train set (which for Keagan is THE couchsurfing ritual) and then we all ate a gigantic raclette for dinner. It was little of a surprise that none of us could sleep well, since there is no gastric acid on the planet that can deal with a congealed ball of cheese that size. So it just kept lingering in our stomachs. Ahhh, what a cruel punishment for over-indulgence.

So, now dear readers, please give us an estimate of Alper’s (the guy to the right) age. We’re really curious.

New couchsurfing friends in Texas

Two hours before we were heading to the airport to fly to Dallas I had the great idea to check for couchsurfing families in Texas we could meet while we’re there. When seeing the profile of Carrie I immediately contacted her by mail and she instantly wrote back. So while Susanna spent her birthday in the biggest mall in the south-west Keagan and I got picked up by Carrie and her son Miles and we spent a lovely day at the Fort Worth Zoo.

Carrie's Cell Phone Photos 016

Carrie's Cell Phone Photos 029

The next day she invited us to her place and Keagan could play with Miles’s wooden train and while we talked a lot about life, the universe and everything. In the evening she was so supernice and drove us with all our luggage to the airport for our flight back home. We sure stay in touch and hope  that they are going to visit us soon because we really had a brilliant time with them.

Couchsurfer Sophie and Janne

Sophie and her dog are on a trip of 6 months and in this time they want to visit all cantons of Switzerland. When she visited us she was in month 4 and still had 6 cantons on the list. The second night her friend Janne stayed also with us and then they went on together.
It was really nice talking to Sophie about her adventures and Keagan loved to have a very cute and friendly dog in the house.



Keagan and couchsurfers

After the last weekends Keagan is now really addicted to have couchsurfers staying with us. Today when the doorbell rang, Keagan shouted downstairs

“Come upstairs to play choo choo with me!”

“My name is Keagan!”

“I speak English and German!”

without knowing who it was.