Brighton – Day 3

The morning we spent at the beach where we fed the seaguls and were not very successful at catching fish with Keagan’s new net.


Then we went to Riddle & Finns for lunch. There we had the most amazing seafood one can imagine. Gordon Ramsay‘s statement about this restaurant was “Seafood as it should be!” and we really have to agree.


For starter we had Monkfish cheek tempura with ginger & peanut dipping sauce, fishcakes with tartar sauce, pan fried salt & pepper squid with watercress & Asian dressing and for main course whole grilled lobster served with garlic & herb butter and and a tranche of turbot with patatas bravas.


Keagan was very amused by the lobster’s pincer


It was really a fantastic lunch and we will definetly to back there for lunch tomorrow before going back to London.

Brighton – Day 2

In the morning the weather was really lovely, so Susanna and Keagan went to the beach while I still had to catch up a bit with sleep. Close to the old pier there is lovely playground with small climbing frames plus a huge paddling pool.


In the afternoon it was Susanna’s turn so nap, so Keagan and I went for a ride with Britain’s first and oldest electric railway, which runs along the amazingly long beach.


For dinner we went to one of the best vegeterian Restaurants of Britain called Terre à Terre, it was very nice till after the second starter, when Keagan suddenly got very tired and developed an earache. So we had to leave in a hurry to bring little poor one to bed. Thanks to the perfect view from our suite Susanna could anyway enjoy the lovely fireworks.


Brighton – Day 1

After packing all our luggage, cleaning the appartment and saying goodbye to Trix and the girls we took the train to Brighton. As a special surprise Susanna reserved for us the tower suite in the Queens Hotel and as you can see on the picture the appartment has the most amazing view onto the pier and the beach.


It has also a great Jacuzzi and the hotel is situated very closely to some really great restaurants.