Apple Pancakes

There is definitely no better way to start the day with a three year old then doing pancakes for breakfast. See picture above where Keagan is supervising the pancakes while drinking apple juice. The recipe for this rather healthy pancakes (lots of apple, now fat) I found a while ago on Smitten Kitchen.


After 6 months of training in the field of bread baking I finally felt ready to approach the “piece de rĂ©sistance” of Swiss bread baking which is the Butterzopf. It’s the bread most people enjoy Sunday morning and is a really delicious white bread with lots of butter.
For Christmas I got from Vendittis a 10kg bag of the perfect zopf flour directly from the mill which sure adds to the great result and of course also Keagan’s perfect brushing of the egg yolk glaze đŸ™‚
For our foreign friends: Please leave a comment if you’re interested in the recipe.

Being diligent

In the last few days while Susanna sewed and filled 126 lavender pillows and was also working on some other crafts projects.


I was busy working in the kitchen and trying out recipes from “The Baking Bible” to improve my bread baking mojo. The most brilliant recipe till now was the “Tyrolean Ten-Grain” which as the name suggests really contains all this grains


and is quite an amount of work but the end result is the definitely one of the most delicious things that ever came out of our oven.


Rainbow Cake

Today we had the great project to create a rainbow cake for Keagan’s Birthday. Daya and Suraja did a great job with coloring the dough and Keagan was very diligent eating it.



We have a new family member

We’re so exited! Yesterday our new kitchen appliance arrived. We had ordered the professional version of the Kitchen Aid from the US because this size isn’t sold in Europe and of course because we’re freakin’ INSANE!

The bigger bowl holds 6 liters. It’s gigantic. While mixing, the dough for the two loaf cakes that are in the oven now was barely visible; a little speck at the very bottom of the bowl. So cool. I’m already looking forward to the next Christmas cookie season. Bring-it-on!