Snake Spotting

Keagan and I spent a lovely day with the Altpfadiverein at the banks of Alpnachersee  with some local snake experts. We spottet quite a number of snakes (3 different kinds) and were also allowed to touch and hold them.
Keagan was pretty impressed and had to giggle out loud when the snake’s tongue touched his hand.



Farmers in the city

There was a special event of the Swiss farmers association in the city. We went on a horse-drawn carriage ride, watched a pigglet’s race and Keagan could pat many supercute baby aimals which made him very very happy.



The last six years we had spiders in our household, which we got from family Hischier. They were afraid, that one of their childen would one day open the cage, now we have a baby and are afraid of the same thing. So if anyone knows someone, who wants a cute Brachypelma Emilia spider as pet animal (terrarium included) for free should please contact us.