About us


We live in the middle of Switzerland in a small city called Aarau. We share the house Susanna grew up in with her father.

Susanna is a biotechnologist by training and a banker by trade. Tobias has a background in hotel management but is now technical director and co-owner of an IT solution provider specialized in education.

The best decision of our live was getting married to each other. For the first 12 years of our relationship we worked a lot and travelled as much and as far as we could. Now that we are parents, we slowed down our lifestyle considerably. We both love working part-time, spending lots of time with our sons in the garden and forest or at the public pool.

We are very into cooking and have guests over all the time. Toby has bought a high-end bbq grill (at ridiculous expenses from Indonesia) and spends a lot of time kindling fire, roasting meat and doing other cave-men things that got completely obsolete when stoves were invented; but hey, the results are always great – so better don’t complain. Susanna is a master in making home made pasta and cooking curries and other spicy asian dishes. Tobias is also a lover of good red wine and a coffee aficionado .

Susanna is really great at crafts and has an amazing talent to always come up with new very creative ideas. She is also very much into books and probably owns one of the most extensive children’s books collections in this galaxy. She should have received a VIP membership at Amazon a long time ago.

Tobias is very much into everything tech and geeky. He is a big fan of 2 wheeled vehicles. At the moment he owns amongst others a super light home-tuned Moulton and an amazing Lynskey Titanium 29er. He also loves running barefoot style and is very religious at convincing everybody that this is the best thing ever. In winter he also enjoys to freeride in the Swiss Mountains.

We all are very opinionated about almost everything. Except for our sons who are also very stubborn, we’re also known to change our minds after a lengthly discussion.