Keagan, is this you?

Keagan wanted to sleep in our bedroom with mama, so I joined Kili in bed. Around 5:30 Kili normally joins Keagan under his blanket and cuddles with him. The same he did this night but was rather surprised when touching my hairy belly and asked

“Keagan, is this you?”

Yes, of yourse! Only 3 times bigger then him 🙂

6:55 am – Kili:
Daddy, if someone would break my heart, I couldn’t live. I would DIE!!!

Boat Trip


One day before departure we still made it on boat and could spot some really nice wild life


and the boys had also fun playing Captain



We even passed our beloved Long Beach, but to the boys disappointment no dolphins around today. Maybe next time!

Blue Marlin Grill

We already went to the Blue Marlin Grill the first day we were on the island but the boys were so tired thanks to the jetlag that they both fell asleep while waiting for the main course. So we gave it another try yesterday.


We started Cortez Cracker Shrimp and Junie’s salad and then went on with the Tater Soup (Yukon golds, garlic croutons and crumbled bacon in cream) and Cortez Chowder (Grouper cheeks and shrimps in a bouillabaisse like soup) and both were extremely delicious. I gave Keagan some to try and he instantly asked the waiter if she could bring another Tater Soup for him 🙂


Susanna finally got her Shrimp and Grits which were rolled in Cajun spices and crumbled with bacon and scallions. So delicious!


My grouper with pecan  crust served with sweetpotatoes was also of the most delicious fish dishes ever.


The desserts were very well prepared and didn’t lack creativity. We had Guiness Chocolate Cake, Tropical Bread Pudding and the Orange Creme Brulee which had a perfect consistency and the very subtle citrus flavour worked perfectly with it.

We really appreciated that their children menu is not just the usual fare but also very delicious food. The “Village Idiot’s Famous Pizza” was so popular with the kids that we had to order a second one.

I should also mention the very friendly service and the location as such which feels casual and is decorated with taste.

Beach House

The kids are building sand castles while we enjoy our peanut-butter-cake and key-lime-margarita. What a perfect place!