A Box!

Today we celebrated Keagan’s birthday. While unwrapping the present he got from his grandfather the boys made us laugh:

Keagan (very excited): It’s Rollerblades!
Kilian (not less excited): and a Box!


The Josl family hosted us a few days and showed us the nice sides of their new home town. Especially Keagan was so happy to play again for many hours with his dear cousin and the rest of the family had a great time as well. Nothing sweeter as 5 kids in tiger pajamas ­čÖé


Fantastic dinner at Ginger in Seefeld with Markus
and then on the way back to the car we saw this lovely building with the tree in full bloom. What a nice Monday!

Perfect Spring Sunday

We spent the perfect day at the Aare river today with our friends. Building a fire, roast sausages and chocolate bananas. Kids playing in the sand while the adults are talking about Life, the Universe and Everything.

Not that much to improve here…