Picky Eater

Keagan: “I think Mama is very picky eater. She doesn’t eat cheese, but she eats raclette which is basically also cheese!”

South Africa

In the car talking about our plans to fly to South Africa in autumn Kili asks from behind "London?"
No, we fly to Africa with Mark and Esthi. "And Keagan?" Yes! "And Mama?" Yes! "And Trees?" No, there are enough trees in Africa and wild animals like zebras and cheetahs. Kili: "Pikachu?"

Kili Explaining Stuff

Kilian’s explanation to Granddad when I called him to come upstairs to get ready for the pool:

“Oh, Ich jetzt eifach mit Mami zo de pool, gäle?”
(“Oh, I now just too the pool with Mami, yes?”)