Kilian was really looking forward to the pasta that Susanna was preparing for dinner. When sitting at the table and being served he complained loudly

"Not dirty pasta!"

because there was already sauce on it. He calmed down and started eating after we explained him that it was a not dirt but meat 🙂

Snowboarding Klewenalp

As a extra special birthday present to myself I skipped a day at work and went for snowboarding to Klewenalp. It was an amazing day with perfect snow and weather.

I can talk!

Kili constantly insists on “being a big boy” at the moment. This triggers funny dialogs:

Keagan: “You are not a big boy, you can’t even talk properly!”.

Kili (outraged): “I talking, HELLO!”

Watching Backyardigans

Keagan came to ask if they can watch another Backyardigans episode. I tell him that this is not possible because they already watched an hour.

From the other room I hear Keagan explaining to Kilian:

“Kilian, we can’t watch another one. We have already watched an hour. This is VERY long!”