Zoo Zürich

It was such a nice experience to finally spend again a whole day in the Zoo Zürich with the whole family. The boys were in a great mood and thanks to the low temperatures we were almost alone.

No Picky Eater

Kili is sure not a picky eater. When we asked him if he wanted rice, pasta, apples or pears for dinner he declined everything and suggested “Chocolaaaate, or other chocolaaate”.

Princess Leia is dead

On the first day of 2013 our beloved Kitchen Aid gave up after being the toughest worker bee in our kitchen for the last 4 years. The transmission seems to be broken and now we have to find out how to get it fixed (probably has to be shipped to the US because we bought it there) or we will look into buying a new one. No idea how we will survive the coming weeks without home made bread, pasta etc.