Horse Chestnut

Cute little Kili was walking behind me for a while. Then he caught up with me again and showed me the shell leftovers of a horse chestnut with the comment “Wäh, Ich nöd gärn!” (Yuck! I don’t like it!)

Kilian and the dish washer

There’s a little story that goes with this picture. Kili said “this is juky!” so I looked down and saw that there was a little piece bitten of  the dish washer tab. It took me a while to find out that the alleged tab in the dishwashing detergent compartment was actually one of his fruit bars he obviously disliked 🙂

Playground in Suhr

We finally made it to the fantastic playground in Suhr. There is actually a cycling path all along a rivulette that directly goes there, so it’s actually also a very nice trip for the whole family. We enjoyed the lovely weather and the kids had so much fun climbing, going down the slide and getting really wet.

Lunch at Lamparts

While the kids went for a trip with my sister Sarah and Phil, we enjoyed again a fabulous lunch at Larmparts. Call us boring the we always go there, but we just don’t like to be disappointed and the menu is always full of surprises. Especially we just love Mr. Lamparts approach to preparing meat. He is not into preparing the fillet but rather likes to take the more unusual parts and really invests a lot in the perfect preparation of them. the highlight this time was the saint-pierre fish and the deer from the Scottish Highlands (see picture).

Pig Attack

This picture was taken shortly before the most terrible thing happened. Susanna was in the Zoo with Kili and while he tried to feed the pigs he got attacked by a really mean one which bit him into his hand. This was two months ago and since then not a single day has passed where Kili would not show us his booboo and and when you ask him what happened he explains with a clearly traumatized voice what happened on this day.