Last year there was this article in the Nonchalant Mom blog about the best restaurants to go with kids in NYC. One of them was Moomah and this one is even rather close for Columbus Park (where our hotel is). so we went there this morning and had a really great time. The location is very charming and creative, the food is very tasty and healthy and Keagan really enjoyed the DIY crafts projects while Kilian could roam around freely and meet other toddlers.

Hurst, Taxes

Somehow Keagan insisted today that Miles lives in Taxes. Must be very expensive to live in Taxes (sure a place Ben Folds never wants to visit)

The Barking Crab

After a fun trip to the Boston Aquarium Chris had the awesome idea to go to the Barking Crab Restaurant. We had so much fun with the fantastic food, great music and the company of our friends.

After the lunch there was the sad moment of goodbye and Ebbesens had to go to the airport to fly back to Dallas. We will miss you so so much!