3 cute Keagan anecdotes

3 cute anecdotes I still should tell you about this nuclear power activist day:

  • We told Keagan several times in advance that the idea of going to this event is telling that we don’t want anymore nuclear power stations. After about two hours being at the event Keagan got inpatient and asked me: “where is now this person we can tell that we don’t want them anymore?”
  • On the way back I told Keagan that it is really a great thing that so many people came and sent a message to our politicians that we don’t like nuclear power. Keagan’s comment: “yes, and everybody who stayed at home still wants nuclear power!”
  • And another one completely unrelated to nuclear energy: On the way back in the train it was very very crowded and suddenly Keagan asked me very loudly “Daddy, have you farted???”