Best thing

When asked what today’s the best thing was Keagan said without hesitation “that I have a little brother!”. This statement made us very happy but didn’t come as a complete surprise, for the simple fact that he is really constantly very considerate to make sure that Kilian is having a good time. When Kilian starts to cry Keagan immediately jumps of his chair and runs to him to pat or talk with him.

Keagan sporting a fever

On the weekend Keagan had up to 39 degrees fever, so he went neither to Kindergarden nor to day care till today. When we told him this evening that he’s now healthy again he asked if the next day was a day care day. When we told him that it was only a kindergarden day he said that he will not be feverish in this case. When we told him that the day after tomorrow will be again a day care day he instantly said that in then he will be feverish again 🙂 . When Susanna asked him why he would again be feverish, he answer was “because of the germs!”. Asked which germs he said “bacterias of course!”

Old Town of Aarau

On my evening walk across the river bridge the view in direction old town looked especially scenic. I really love this place! (Did I already mention how much I like the new HDR feature on my iPhone?)

Vivi and Keagan

Andrea and I went on a walk with our two kids this morning. Aren’t they supercute together! The photo could be directly from a Benetton commercial 🙂