Keagan writing his Name

Two days ago Keagan came to us with a piece of cardboard where he had written “KEAN” on. When I told him that G and A is still missing to complete his name, he wrote the letters underneath.

Big Belly

Susanna and Keagan on the way back from our last visit of Schwanbar as a family of three 🙂

Highly pregnant Susanna and last tete-a-tete

Before Susanna will give birth (due date 29.07.) we still enjoyed a tête-à-tête in our favorite restaurant (Lampart’s). That’s her in front of the restaurant showing off the big belly 🙂

and here to some photos to make you jealous:

(Angus beef tartar with summer truffles and deep-fried egg yolk)

(Veal sweetbread with marinated sweet and salty amalfi lemon and summer truffles)

(Pork belly with mashed potatoes and spring rolls with green beans)