Running in Hyde Park

It’s actually a really good idea to take a running addict with you for holidays. It makes you get up every morning 6:30 and run around Hyde-Park:

And that’s what Hyde Park looks like 7 o’clock in the morning:

I also have to mention my very cool new vibram fivefingers running-shoes. I made already about 32 km with them this week and it’s really a great feeling very close to running barefoot.

Chutney Mary

Till now we always went for traditional Indian food. Now for the first time we went to a more progressive one that is specialized in Anglo-Indian and regional Indian food and has won the “best Indian restaurant in the UK” award. We have spent an amazing evening at this fantastic restaurant.

The goose kebab with blueberry chutney (see above) and the poultry kebab with coriander was really not from this planet, the naan bread with spring onions had nothing in common with normal naan and all the other dishes (like the starter on the picture bellow) were also of the best food we ever had.

Also the service and the atmosphere in the restaurant were really perfect and we will for sure force all our friends who go to London to visit this place. Here the contact info:

Chutney Mary, 535 Kings Road, Chelsea, London SW10 0SZ

London 2010

The Linder-Family is so badly bitten by the Travel Bug that we just couldn’t accept that our holidays in London have to be canceled because of the whole volcano-cloud-problems. With quite a bit of extra expenses we were able to reserve in the last minute nine Eurostar-tickets for our whole group and with only two days delay we finally arrived there. It’s actually with a bit of irony to arrive in a city for holidays and all the other tourists you meet actually try to get out of the city for days 🙂

Crazy Day!

We had such a perfect day till early afternoon. Keagan and I went for a walk in the forest, then Keagan stayed at grandpa’s while Susanna and I went to the Thai Restaurant for lunch (all you can eat buffet). Afterwards I brought Keagan to his best friend Lukas where he was supposed to spend the afternoon while Susanna and I would pack for our trip to London.
Then the s… hit the fan when our Hotel in London called us to inform us that all flights to Great Britain are cancelled thanks to a Icelandic volcano (you probably all have heard about it in the news by now). Because life is so bloody unfair one can still fly to Iceland, but we really don’t feel for going there except for beating up some people who can’t control their damn volcanoes 🙂
But somehow we will get there. If not by plane then by train! Next blog entry is going to be live from London, promise!

Keagan’s House

After only 6 months we finally had the time and energy to finalize Keagan’s little house in our garden. We painted the walls and made another window. Now it still needs some red curtains (he loves privacy) and a carpet. I’m really proud that I was able to built this (with some help from Arnold) even tough I really consider myself sooo untalented in DIY 🙂