Vache d’Herens

I’m known be someone who often criticizes the Swiss farmers for their inability to produce really good beef meat. The simple reason for this is, that first priority for them is the amount of milk the animal is able to produce in its lifetime and this feature doesn’t correlate at all with high meat quality.

Luckily there is one valley in the Swiss Alps where they have a special breed of  cows called vache d’Herens. This is one of the smallest cows in Europe and the kind of animal that would be used in the traditional cow fights. Farmers complain that they only give very little milk, but the meat is really amazing.

When Keagan and I were in Crans-Montana this weekend we passed a butchery with a sign in front that they had “d’Herens” meat in stock, so I went immediately in there to buy two nice pieces for about half the price what you would pay in Aarau for some decent Swiss beef.

I just enjoyed it with Susanna for dinner just roasted in the frying pan for 3 minutes on both sides with some salt and pepper and it very much remained me of the good stuff we had a few months ago in the States.

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  1. OMG Tobias! Where were you standing to take this picture? That cow has some horns! I am much more comfortable facing off with picture #2, thank you very much.

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