Name that Baby!

We know to everybody but the parents this are just some grey and black blobs, but to us it’s just amazing!

We were informed today, that it is a boy (check second picture) and we have not the slightest clue how to name him. We would very much appreciate all your SERIOUS name suggestions in the comments section.

3 Replies to “Name that Baby!”

  1. He’s already the cutest thing on this planet (next to Keagan and the five Vendittis, of course!). Bur unfortunately I can’t help with boy’s names, I’ ve got only girl’s names left on my list… 😉

  2. Agreed about being the cutest baby ever!! Rachel, our sister in law who has the son named Keagan, also has a daughter to whom they have given a traditional boys name. Rachel is also pregnant and is due in September with a baby girl so they will not be coming up with any other boys names to go along with Keagan. The boy’s name that they used was Quinn as in the “Mighty Quinn” penned by Bob Dylan (whom Suzanna hates) and popularized by Manfred Mann (whom many people like). From what we have experienced of Swiss summer and been told of Swiss Winter, the whole Eskimo theme may be particularly relevant.

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