Afternoon with Zora, Felix and Emil

Zora and Felix invited us to their place and we had a really great afternoon with starting a fire in the forest, singing scout-songs (with Zora playing the guitar), roasting sausages and bread over the fire and also preparing chocolate bananas in the embers. Above one can see Felix and Keagan being very dedicated in keeping the fire burning blowing air into it.

In the late afternoon the boys played peacefully together on their patio so Zora and I could talk a lot and I was allowed to hold her super-cute precious little Emil in my arms while he was asleep and having very cute dreams about nursing with lots of smiling involved.

Vache d’Herens

I’m known be someone who often criticizes the Swiss farmers for their inability to produce really good beef meat. The simple reason for this is, that first priority for them is the amount of milk the animal is able to produce in its lifetime and this feature doesn’t correlate at all with high meat quality.

Luckily there is one valley in the Swiss Alps where they have a special breed of  cows called vache d’Herens. This is one of the smallest cows in Europe and the kind of animal that would be used in the traditional cow fights. Farmers complain that they only give very little milk, but the meat is really amazing.

When Keagan and I were in Crans-Montana this weekend we passed a butchery with a sign in front that they had “d’Herens” meat in stock, so I went immediately in there to buy two nice pieces for about half the price what you would pay in Aarau for some decent Swiss beef.

I just enjoyed it with Susanna for dinner just roasted in the frying pan for 3 minutes on both sides with some salt and pepper and it very much remained me of the good stuff we had a few months ago in the States.

Already over

On our last day we had still breakfast in the appartment and Keagan went for a last easter egg hunt. His godmother Carola who normally lives in this appartment had hidden about a gazillion chocolate easter eggs in the appartment and the last two he found when sitting naked in the hammock while I was hovering the appartment.

On the way home we stopped in Bern to enjoy a few hours in the new wellness place BernAqua. Keagan loved the big slide and also had fun with Louis (the 5 year old son of an ex-client of mine we met by coincidence). Keagan must have really liked this trip to the Alps, because when we drove off in Bern to get back home he insisted that we should drive again back to Crans-Montana and stay in Carola’s appartment. He got very cross when I told him that there is no other option than to go home to Aarau.

Here a last picture of our very cool snowboarder with his very nice lion-board.

What a day!

After having a delicious brunch in Café Gerber Keagan and I waited in the appartement till the rain would stop. When it finally stopped, Keagan of course insisted that it only did so because he was singing the “oh du goldigs Suenneli” (Golden sun, please shine again) for hours 🙂 before.
So we went up to Aminona and I fixated the Snowboard on Keagan’s shoes. I was actually expecting that Keagan would tell me after 30 seconds that he wants to go home, but to my big surprise the only sentences I heard for the next 60 minutes was “faster!” and “don’t hold me!”. He really made very good movements and didn’t care at all when he fell but luckily the snow was really soft today.

After a while I realized that we already went very far downhill and we had to walk all the way back because I was on foot anyway. So we walked back up to the station but not without stopping a few times and having fun with the very soft snow. We even enjoyed partially sunny weather up there as you can see on the picture bellow.

When we reached the station we still had some time, so we built a snow slide which was damn fast.

After such a an arduous day it’s really amazing to see how much pizza fits into a 3 year old boy. In the end there were only two slices left and back in the appartment (20 minutes later) he considered it possible that he would still have some space for a yogurt.

Name that Baby!

We know to everybody but the parents this are just some grey and black blobs, but to us it’s just amazing!

We were informed today, that it is a boy (check second picture) and we have not the slightest clue how to name him. We would very much appreciate all your SERIOUS name suggestions in the comments section.

Police Man Keagan

To keep life entertaining for our little one I put away some of the toys he played with the last month and went to the attic to get some stuff he hasn’t seen for quite a while. He had all forgotten about his dress up bag and was so excited when he found the police costume he had gotten from his Gran. He’s wearing it now for hours, just switched from the hat you see on the picture to his London Bobby hat, then went downstairs to play Lego without boring Mama intervening. The only problem is, he can’t lower  his pants on his own because of the stupid holster and so every now and then I have to hurry down the stairs to make sure our brave police man doesn’t pee into the pants.