Couchsurfers from Turkey

We had a nice evening with our new couchsurfer friends from Istanbul. Alper used to live near Aarau and wanted to take a trip down memory lane and so the guys (including Keagan) drove to all the remote places Alper remembered from his childhood in Switzerland. They also visited several people Alper still knew from back then and Keagan was delighted that most of them served either cake or cookies.

Having returned from their trip, they played with Keagan and his train set (which for Keagan is THE couchsurfing ritual) and then we all ate a gigantic raclette for dinner. It was little of a surprise that none of us could sleep well, since there is no gastric acid on the planet that can deal with a congealed ball of cheese that size. So it just kept lingering in our stomachs. Ahhh, what a cruel punishment for over-indulgence.

So, now dear readers, please give us an estimate of Alper’s (the guy to the right) age. We’re really curious.

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