Dinner at Lamparts

Keagan went with his grandma for 3 days to the Swiss Alps (Melchsee Frutt) and we have for the first time in 1.5 years 3 days of couple time. How nice is this!
We started the weekend with a fabulous dinner at Lamparts in Hägendorf. Especially the foie gras on a caramelized brioche and the chocolate dream (see above) were amazingly delicious and will stay in our memory.
Sunday and Monday we will spend at home and and make sure that we don’t get anything done 🙂

Last Day

This morning Keagan locked the gate in the old day care for the last time. We’re so thankful that we had Keagan at such a great place for the last 2.5 years. The women there are just amazing and we will miss them so so much. We hope so much that Keagan will also be okay at the new day care.

Couchsurfers from Turkey

We had a nice evening with our new couchsurfer friends from Istanbul. Alper used to live near Aarau and wanted to take a trip down memory lane and so the guys (including Keagan) drove to all the remote places Alper remembered from his childhood in Switzerland. They also visited several people Alper still knew from back then and Keagan was delighted that most of them served either cake or cookies.

Having returned from their trip, they played with Keagan and his train set (which for Keagan is THE couchsurfing ritual) and then we all ate a gigantic raclette for dinner. It was little of a surprise that none of us could sleep well, since there is no gastric acid on the planet that can deal with a congealed ball of cheese that size. So it just kept lingering in our stomachs. Ahhh, what a cruel punishment for over-indulgence.

So, now dear readers, please give us an estimate of Alper’s (the guy to the right) age. We’re really curious.


My wife was so supercute and came up with the idea of me going to the Swiss Mountains for an extended weekend. So Wednesday evening I drove with our friend Carola to Crans-Montana. Thursday we had a very nice day on the tracks and enjoyed the really good snow and the emptiness because it was still off season. For dinner we cooked some juicy lamb racks and pork filet and enjoyed this together with a delicious tomato rice from Susanna and crisp knollenziest we got from the Spezberger-Farm.

On Friday it snowed a lot and so we went for a long walk in the snow very steep uphill to burn some calories so we could the upcoming gourmet dinner without a too bad conscience 🙂

We went for dinner to Didier de Courten in Sierre. He was the Gault Millau cook of the year 2008 and is now in the highest league of only 8 restaurants that have 19 Gault Millau points. So we had really high expectations that were more than fulfilled. We had one of the most amazing dinners and everything was just perfect and to our big surprise the prices were about 30% lower then what you would normally pay in such a restaurant. Here just one photo of an starter (scallop).

We were also amazed that most wines he had on the menu were from Valais and all the wines the sommelier recommended us were of exceptional quality.

Next day the weather was again better and there was lots of fresh powder. So we could enjoy several very nice runs in deep deep snow.

After skiing we went to Carola’s cousin for aperitif and enjoyed some really delicious dried meat, sausage and cheese from Valais. Afterwards we went back to Carola’s place and prepared a fondue with cheese she bought in Gruyere.

Today we had again huge luck with the us being above the fog and enjoying the great snow and sun. I’m so thankful for having such a great time together with our dear friend Carola, especially because she’s going to leave us again soon (she has an assignment with “Médecins Sans Frontières” to Tahiti).