After 6 months of training in the field of bread baking I finally felt ready to approach the “piece de résistance” of Swiss bread baking which is the Butterzopf. It’s the bread most people enjoy Sunday morning and is a really delicious white bread with lots of butter.
For Christmas I got from Vendittis a 10kg bag of the perfect zopf flour directly from the mill which sure adds to the great result and of course also Keagan’s perfect brushing of the egg yolk glaze 🙂
For our foreign friends: Please leave a comment if you’re interested in the recipe.

7 Replies to “Butterzopf”

  1. Hello, and congratulations!
    I was born in switzerland, and my uncle makes wonderful Butterzopf … I tried many times but my problem is that the final zopf is very large and low-profile.
    How do you “build” the zopf?
    Bye from italy.

  2. Hey Thanks!!
    I’ve got 3 babies baking in the oven right now. Gives me something to do in this stupid rain. 😉
    thanks again, happy weekend.

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