Things we brought home from Mexico

1. 138 kg of luggage. Yeah, Mama likes the shopping.

2. A severe yearning for going back there. Now! Why can’t we go back now? Seriously, can a day be a really good day without having spent at least a part of it at La Palapa?

3. A little passenger, who kept us on our toes the last two months, by throwing a few complications at us and causing me to regress to a babbling sobbing mass of self-pity, whenever these complications struck.

Of course our pregnancy test was a digital one. What kind of backwater household do you think we live in???

But now the little bean seems to have made up its mind a bit more and I have upgraded my personal status from “maybe baby” to “kinda probably baby”. So, this is a call to everybody to still visit us in the next few months before I first expand to the size of a blue whale and then (due date is August 6th) regress again to a babbling, nursing mass of self-pity.

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