What a terrible day!

Keagan decided this morning last minute that he doesn’t want to go to the public pool with his best friend even tough he was still completely into it 20 minutes before. I had to ignore his protest because Lukas and his father were already waiting for us at the pool, and they obviously had an amazing time in the water.
He also insisted in the afternoon that he didn’t  want to go to Wendelin farm to get our thanksgiving turkey and check out the animals they have there (the ones that are still alive of course). When we arrived everything was peachy and Keagan seemed to enjoy very much looking at the geese, turkeys, chickens and cattle. What happened tough was that the farmer had to carry one goose who was a bit hurt and when we were with the cattle we found a cow-bell that one of the animals had lost.
Back in the car Keagan got very angry and told me that he was sooo right that it had been indeed a very bad idea to go to the farm because a: the poor goose was hurt and b: a cow had lost it’s bell. He so got his mama’s optimism 🙂

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