The never-ending story

Today, thanks to Jesus our so very helpful resort manager, we finally got our appointment with the manager of the local bank branch to get our credit cards back. We were reminded that we had to be there one o’clock sharp otherwise our precious cards would be shredded. One o’clock we were in the bank but the manager was out for lunch. So we spent the following 20 minutes hanging out in a Mexican bank. After about 10 minutes I could relax. Even if the guy would not give me the card back, I would simply rob the bank. Piece of cake. Seriously. All employees have the same access code to the secure area and it is 2-1-1-1. How do I know that? The keypad for entering the code is in plain f***ing sight.

But no felony necessary, a well fed, seriously tiny and veeery pompous bank manager finally showed up, checked our passports, let us sign some forms and gave us our credit cards back. He had desecrated my oh so beloved card with a permanent marker. How can he!!!!!┬áBut thanks to the swine flu and the ethanol dispensers hanging everywhere, I could wipe the writing off. So welcome back, my true friend, Amexco Blue, welcome back financial independence and goodbye to Tobi’s eyebrow wriggling reminding me of the “conjugal duties” of a obedient wifey, wifey.

And gooooodbye sunsets!

One last call to reactivate my card and I’ll officially book every Spa-treatment they have on offer here.

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  1. Oh guys, your entries are sooo funny!! I get up every morning (before ot at six a clock sharp due to lovely Vivien…) and I’m looking foreward to reading your blog. you come right before PEREZ, so feel honoured!!

    Lot’s of love from the Haldimanns who are looking foreward to a whole week (!) of vacation in relaxing Aarau!!!!

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