La Palapa

After getting our credit cards back we felt for celebrating a bit and went to a highly recomended restaurant in the old town of Puerto Vallarta. Its called La Palapa, which sounds completely made up, but actually describes a shed with a thatched roof but missing at least one wall.


It is extremely nicely situated directly at the beach and the food, the fooooooooood, I’m telling you is breathtakingly good. We immediately regretted ever having eaten anywhere else.


The service was impeccable and all Keagan’s special wishes (two scoops of potato mash!!!!!) were gracefully fulfilled.


Combo of 3 Ceviches. Seafood here is fantastic.


Tuna stack with 3 sauces. We so have to go back there.


The only downside of this restaurant are the gazillion street vendors who try to peddle their goods while you eat. But after the 6th vendor I turned down, Keagan took over saying “no gracias” in an increasingly short tempered voice.


Crab enchiladas with prawns. Drool.

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