USA 2009 – Payson, Wildlife Park

After a very lazy day the day before, we went to the local wildlife park. The drive there took a bit longer than expected because we took a wrong turn up a gravel road. After ten or so minutes Devin wanted to turn around because he suspected that this road was way too desolate to be the right one, but Tobi’s satnav said, we should go straight, which we – in our oh so great confidence in technology – then did. After another 20 minutes we figured out that the satnav just told us to go straight to find a place where could legally make a U-turn. So we turned around to enjoy the spectacular view for a second time.


The wildlife park was really beautiful. First we took a bus ride through the enclosures. Since the animals knew food to be on the bus they got very close and inquisitive.


The giraffe bull was called Kiboh and we were allowed to feed him hugh biscuits.


Devin held his biscuit between his teeth and so got a very wet giraffe kiss.


Keagan was amazed that Kiboh has such long tongue and that its tip is blackish to provide sun protection. The following days we had to deal with lots of sticking out the tongue to be a giraffe.


The ostriches were said to be one of the most aggressive species in the park but to us they were friendly. Maybe because we had already hugh experience with ostriches since we went trick or treating with one 🙂

Then we went to the “tiger splash” event. It was so entertaining/frightening, we forgot to take pictures. It was like some gladiator thing going on. A juvenile lioness and tigress in a big enclosure containing a big pool. Then 4 young men and one woman entered the enclosure with tons of toys and made the animals “playfully” chase them and the toys. Whenever the chase got too heated the humans could jump into the pool. The lioness would not follow there and the tigress was considerably slower in the water (since she had to swim) than the humans (who could still run). Anyway, even-though it was entertaining, it was also slightly out of my comfort zone and I said that I definetly wouldn’t want Keagan to have such a job. Immediately it became Keagan’s all time favorite dream job. Brilliant.



Snake time. There weren’t a lot of visitors in the park and so we got the VIP treatment. Snakes give me the willies and it is very funny to be so very cold when it’s about 30°C. I was allowed to hold the boa constictor and was given tons of fun facts about snakes, which I will entertain you with the next time the subject (or something passably close to it) will come up. Oh, I know you guys can barely wait.


The cutest porcupine on the planet. And the first one I’ve ever seen in person. The zoo keeper even went into the enclosure to give me some porcupine quills, while the little rascal was making the cutest sounds munching away on a sweet potato. Our European hedgehogs have definitely some catching up to do regarding cuteness.


When we had almost reached the exit someone was so nice and gave Keagan another cookie for the other giraffe which was munched away very fast.


After such a busy day in the wildlife park we really enjoyed to arrive back at Walas’ home and find out that Laurel had already cooked a delicious pasta dish for us. To everybody’s big surprise Susanna ate the pistachio coated goat-cheese that was served with the noodles. I’m not that sure anymore if she really doesn’t like cheese or if it is more of a political statement 🙂


Now we had to pack again all our bags because the next day our journey will go on. After our 10 suitcases and bags were packed and in the car Susanna went to bed and motivated me to check in for our flight. But I of course considered it as WAY more important to help Devin setup his new Mediaserver for their amazing cinema room.
When we were finished with this I wanted to check in but could not find the envelope with all our travel documents, passports etc. After searching for a while a woke up Susanna who was wide awake after telling her what’s missing. We opened again all our bags, searched everywhere in the house and finally after Susanna declaring me that she will never ever travel again with me and file for divorce anyway I found the envelope in the car between the seat and the console.
After all this trouble Devin was so kind and provided us with some nice alcohol enriched drinks which made us calm down, withdraw the divorce files and fall asleep very fast.

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