We enjoyed one of the last really hot days swimming down Giessen with Annika and Keagan in the rubber dingy. Afterwards we had a lovely picnic at the river bank to warm up again.

drinking straw chair


A chair made out of 10’000 drinking straws, so cool! That’s what I’m going to do the next time I’m really bored (which is definitely not going to be soon). Find out more about this piece of art here.


Last Schwanbar days

Keagan and I enjoy the last days of Schwanbar. He is now going to the bar and ordering his pistachio ice cream there all by himself. Such a brave little boy!
What a shame that Schwanbar already has to close on Friday. We always get very used to the outdoor bar experience.

Badi Biberstein

Already on Thursday I spent the day with Zora in Biberstein. Keagan liked it so much there, so we went again today together with Sarah. It’s so quiet and relaxed there and the water just feels really natural. It’s also really not far from Aarau. Thanks to the new Aare bridge it doesn’t take more then 15 minutes by bike to get there from Aarau.



Last night we tried to sell Susanna’s crafts on the Nachtmarkt. We were not too successful but blame it 100% on the wrong target audience at this event 🙂
At least we had very entertaining everning and will definitely give it another try soon.

Nature Reserve

Juerg had the great idea to spend an afternoon in the nature reserve with the two boys. We built a little dam for them (see picture), so they could play with their boats without loosing them and we also did a little fire to grill sausages. It was really gorgeous.