Dragon Fish

Thursday on the way home from Ikea we went to Dörig Fisch Mercato in Dietikon and Keagan was allowed to choose a fish for our dinner on Friday. Of course he aimed for the red one and we left the shop with a 1.7kg fish. At home Susanna figured out that this is a scorpion fish and it has poisonous spikes, brilliant!
It took Susanna almost an hour to get the fillets out of the fish without being stung but the fish meat was really delicious and worth the hard work.



Boat trip

Nick had organized a trip across lake Brienz with a little steam boat. It was incredibly lovely. We all enjoyed it very much, to be so close to the water and to see the engine working. The honking was highly appreciated by the younger audience.


After a while though, Keagan fell asleep in Att’s arms and when we were served drinks and little nibbles, we managed to lie Keagan down on the bench. He didn’t wake up for the reminder of the boat trip, eventhough, the boat’s horn honked quite loudly and quite often.


Pool and sand pit

Today we enjoyed the really nice new natural pool. The water is really clean and this without any chemicals thanks to a very sophisticated natural filtering process.
Keagan is making lots of progress with swimming and he’s not a bit afraid of the water.


The sand pit was damn hot but this didn’t stop Keagan to play in it for quite a long time.



Today we went from Giessbach to Brienz by boat and there we took the train to the Aareschlucht. It’s really a very impressive sight but not that Keagan would have cared. It’s probably more a grown’up thing 🙂