Schwanbar is open since Friday. Today we went there with Andrea, Rich and Vivi and had a very pleasant time with great drinks, delicious ice cream and lovely weather. I’m sure that we’re going to spend a few more evenings here in the next few weeks.

Tim and Filipe

Last weekend two Brazilian couchsurfers came to stay with us for a night. They were on a a bike tour from Basel to Chiasso. Keagan made them play with his train set for an eternity, but they didn’t seem to mind. Tobi and I enjoyed chatting with them till well after midnight, which -since we’re parents- happens only once in a blue moon 🙂

They were very very sweet and it was a real shame that they had to leave again after just one night. We hope they’ll be back soon.




Last Thursday when I wanted to drop off Keagan at day care I spotted some very atypical spots bellow his ear. It was quite clear our little boy has chickenpox. So he had to stay home for a few days but even tough he was often a bit feverish he was very easy going and cute the whole time.

On Sunday we then had the pleasure of spending the day with Hischiers (all their Kids already had had the chickenpox) and of course Keagan was almost constantly in their lovely pool which was 32 degrees Celsius!

LikeABike and puddles

Heavy rain didn’t stop Keagan from taking the LikeABike for our Saturday morning tour to the farmers market.

On the way home he prefered to go by foot to jump in all the puddles that were available.puddle