London – Day 9

For the last day Kevin (our couchsurfing friend) had the brilliant idea to go to Holland Park with us. We’ve never before been to this park and were completely fascinated by the beauty of it. Parts of it really look like a very lush and wild forest and others are very neetly trimed and stylish like for example the Kyoto garden you can see on the pictures bellow


Kevin’s girls are really cute and very friendly. We hope to see them again next year on London or perhaps they find somewhen time to visit us in Switzerland.


We had a very busy time exploring both playgrounds in this park and in the bus on the way back to the appartment Keagan fell asleep.


Keagan went on sleeping for the whole 75 minutes cab trip to the airport.


We had a very pleasant flight back from City Airport London to Zurich with British Airways. City Airport is really very convenient because it’s so tiny (only about 3 million passengers per year compared to 70 million in Heathrow). What is really fun here is that you walk by foot from the gate to the plane like in the old times.

London – Day 8

Today we spent a lovely day in Kew Gardens. This is really the most amazing park on the planet with aprox 50’000 different plants and also many animals. We spent a great time watching ducks, goslings, peacocks, coots and greedy squirrels.


We also enjoyed the newest attraction which is a 18 meter high and 200 meter long Treetop walkway in the tree canopy of a woodland glade.


From there we had also a lovely view onto the temperature house, which is the world’s largest surviving Victorian glass structure.


Inside this bulding is the biggest indoor palm tree on the planet.


For dinner I went once again to Gold Mine but this time Susanna stayed home with Keagan and my mother joined me. She enjoyed a peking duck while I indulged in the house speciality which is the cantonese roast duck (which you can see in the lower right corner of the picture below). This was definitely the best duck dish I’ve ever had.


London – Day 7

Today the weather was not too great. So Susanna and Keagan took the doubledecker bus


and went once again to the London Aquarium while my mother and I visited the National Gallery.

For dinner we went again to Gold Mine for a delicious Peking Duck (I wrote about this restaurant last year)

London – Day 6

After a nice breakfast at home, Baba and Keagan took the double-decker bus in direction Westminster to catch a boat for some sightseeing on the Themse. Susanna and I went shopping for books, clothes and shoes along Charing Cross Road and Oxford Street.

After the boat trip Baba and Keagan went again to the playground and I met them again around 4 o’clock  for afteroon tea in the Kensington palace Orangerie.


That’s really the most amazing place to enjoy your tea and it’s also way cheaper then what the fancy hotels charge you for afternoon tea.


The sandwiches, scones and cakes were really delicious and they also have a good selection of leaf tea. The only downside of the whole experience is their “no reservations” policy. So we had to wait aprox. 15 minutes to get a seat. There is also the possiblity to sit outside, but it would be really a shame to miss the great atomsphere of this room.


For dinner we went once again to Yo Sushi to indulge in some lovely asian dishes. Keagan ate at least 4 portions of tempura shrimps


and we were also unstoppable and had to try everything.


When Susanna asked him in before falling asleep what the nicest thing was today, he mentioned the playground and just said “mer send weder det äne, wöl es so schön esch” (we went again to this place, because it’s so nice there). He must really be in love with the “Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Playground”, our posh bugger!

Patogh Restaurant

Already last year for my mother’s arrival in London I went to Patogh to get take away food. It was our and her big wish to enjoy again this delicious food. Patogh is a little restaurant (only about 3 metres wide) with only a few tables and two kebab guys working on the fireplace producing the most amazing iranian food.


For very little money (dishes cost from £ 6.- to 11.-) you get really fantastic value. We can recommend very much their boneless marinated lamb-fillet, the minced lamb meat and also the boneless chicken. The flatbread is also amazing and so is their rice with a hint of saffron and butter. The salad is very fresh and pure with mint, peppers and onions.

Brighton – Day 4 and back to London

This morning the weather didn’t look that brilliant


So we just went on some rides on the pier and packed our luggage. For lunch we went once again to Riddle & Finns and this time Susanna had an amazing seafood risotto while I enjoyed a dover sole. After lunch we headed by train back to London and in the afternoon Keagan could already play again on his favorite playground with best weather. Because of the public holiday it was damn crowded but Keagan didn’t mind.



After the playground we went back home and met Baba (Keagan’s grandmother respectively my mother) and I went with her to the iranian Restaurant Patogh to get the best kebab in town (for review see next blog entry)

Brighton – Day 3

The morning we spent at the beach where we fed the seaguls and were not very successful at catching fish with Keagan’s new net.


Then we went to Riddle & Finns for lunch. There we had the most amazing seafood one can imagine. Gordon Ramsay‘s statement about this restaurant was “Seafood as it should be!” and we really have to agree.


For starter we had Monkfish cheek tempura with ginger & peanut dipping sauce, fishcakes with tartar sauce, pan fried salt & pepper squid with watercress & Asian dressing and for main course whole grilled lobster served with garlic & herb butter and and a tranche of turbot with patatas bravas.


Keagan was very amused by the lobster’s pincer


It was really a fantastic lunch and we will definetly to back there for lunch tomorrow before going back to London.

Brighton – Day 2

In the morning the weather was really lovely, so Susanna and Keagan went to the beach while I still had to catch up a bit with sleep. Close to the old pier there is lovely playground with small climbing frames plus a huge paddling pool.


In the afternoon it was Susanna’s turn so nap, so Keagan and I went for a ride with Britain’s first and oldest electric railway, which runs along the amazingly long beach.


For dinner we went to one of the best vegeterian Restaurants of Britain called Terre à Terre, it was very nice till after the second starter, when Keagan suddenly got very tired and developed an earache. So we had to leave in a hurry to bring little poor one to bed. Thanks to the perfect view from our suite Susanna could anyway enjoy the lovely fireworks.


Brighton – Day 1

After packing all our luggage, cleaning the appartment and saying goodbye to Trix and the girls we took the train to Brighton. As a special surprise Susanna reserved for us the tower suite in the Queens Hotel and as you can see on the picture the appartment has the most amazing view onto the pier and the beach.


It has also a great Jacuzzi and the hotel is situated very closely to some really great restaurants.

London – Day 4

To indulge a bit in culture we went this morning to the British Museum and did a little dragon hunt through the asian and the american section. Afterwards we enjoyed some delicious sandwiches in the the main hall.


In the afternoon we met another couchsurfing family with two girls on the Diana, Princess of Wales’ Memorial Playground.



Spectacular jumps of the pirate boat were the rage for the 3 girls and Keagan was a great pirate ship captain. In the evening we went to Royal China at Queensway which is always a safe bed for delicious chinese food.