A world without nuclear weapons

I’m very much into Obama’s idealism. Really hope he goes on with this. With his speech about nuclear weapons. I especially liked the last sentence: “But now we, too, must ignore the voices who tell us that the world cannot change.


(Cover of the Economist, April 11th 2009)

Keagan’s birthday cake

This are the remains of yesterday’s birthday cake. Today Keagan took the second one of these to day care. He told us this evening that Manuela (one of the employees there) called it a “very stupid cake” and so Keagan took the whole cake home again. We then said that he sure was fibbing and asked him, what they really said when the cake was cut. Keagan just made a “whooo!” sound. Tomorrow I will interview Manuela and try to get to the truth 🙂


Rainbow Cake

Today we had the great project to create a rainbow cake for Keagan’s Birthday. Daya and Suraja did a great job with coloring the dough and Keagan was very diligent eating it.




We celebrated Sarah’s Birthday by spending a lovely day at the Zurich Zoo. After a whole day running around Keagan was so tired, he fell asleep in the tram.


Judy and Jimmy

For the last four days we hosted couchsurfers from Taiwan. This time it was a bit special because they insited on not doing any sightseeing. They just wanted to know more of our life as such. We really enjoyed very much them cooking for us a super delicious taiwanese dinner and learned a lot about this not so little Island.

We really hope Judy and Jimmy will make it again somewhen to Switzerland or we to Taiwan.



My favorite girls in the world

We’re really blessed with great neighbors.

A few days ago, when I had to go to the optometrist and I just knew Keagan would be a major pain if he had to tag along, I could just cross the street and ask my favorite god-daughter and her sweet sister to look after him. What great girls! I gave them some old bread for the ducks and my phone for emergencies (hey better, than the other way round). Now, when I checked my phone today, I found these pictures:



I seem to recognize chocolate smudges around Keagan’s mouth. Obviously Daya and Suaja are the bestest baby-sitters Keagan could ever wish for: Great play-fellows and chocolate-providers.

Thanks girls! We’re missing you. Come back soon and tell us all about your holidays.

Aidan’s birthday

Today we celebrated Aidan’s fourth birthday in Roggenhausen (our local animal park) with lots of playing, running, strawberry-banana muffins (got to have the recipe!) and in the end even popsicles. The boys of course fed the animals, Diego and Aidan had a go on the ride-on toy-cars and I think Keagan had a really splendid time.

Congrats Aidan! Thanks for the invitation and enjoy your birthday. Let’s hope your mom lets you stay up late, so you give the little LED-fan a try.


Yeah – party hats!