We have a new family member

We’re so exited! Yesterday our new kitchen appliance arrived. We had ordered the professional version of the Kitchen Aid from the US because this size isn’t sold in Europe and of course because we’re freakin’ INSANE!

The bigger bowl holds 6 liters. It’s gigantic. While mixing, the dough for the two loaf cakes that are in the oven now was barely visible; a little speck at the very bottom of the bowl. So cool. I’m already looking forward to the next Christmas cookie season. Bring-it-on!

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  1. Hi Susanna, I see that you have a new member. My family member is being held hostage at the Ireland customs. We just moved to Dublin and I’m waiting for everything to clear customs. Was wondering what type of transformer did you buy so that your kitchenaid would work? I’m getting anxious to try some recipes and want to be prepared when she arrives!

    Thanks for the help and I’m glad you are enjoying your new addition.

  2. Hi Crystal
    I really hope it’s going to be free soon with the cookie season so close ๐Ÿ™‚

    That’s the product we have in use:


    In different forums everybody wrote, that it’s really important that the transformer can deliver more than the machine needs. When you switch it on, there are sometimes very high peaks. We have it now in use since February 2009 and no issues till now. I often do around 2kg of bread doughs and also up to 4kg of cookie dough and till now we never had problems.

  3. I came across your blog. How is your Kitchen Aid working? Have you had any issues using it with a transformer? Which model did you buy and from where?

  4. Hi Pearl
    It’s working fine now for two years and till now we had no issues. You will find more information in the comment I wrote before in the same blog entry.

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