Lion hat

Susanna made a batch of very cute lion hats. I’m looking forward to see them on Keagan or other children who can match him in cuteness 🙂


Fire Brigade

Today the senior boyscout society visited the professional fire brigade of Novartis in Basel. It was very interesting and Keagan enjoyed it a lot. Keagan was even allowed to sit at the steering wheel of an ambulance vehicle.

We have a new family member

We’re so exited! Yesterday our new kitchen appliance arrived. We had ordered the professional version of the Kitchen Aid from the US because this size isn’t sold in Europe and of course because we’re freakin’ INSANE!

The bigger bowl holds 6 liters. It’s gigantic. While mixing, the dough for the two loaf cakes that are in the oven now was barely visible; a little speck at the very bottom of the bowl. So cool. I’m already looking forward to the next Christmas cookie season. Bring-it-on!

Speaking progress

And another two very cute examples form this morning:

Keagan asked, if he is allowed to lick the cake-dough from the spatula “döf I (Am I allowed)?” Mama said yes and he said then “Mama, Du besch e ganz e Liebi (Mama, you are very kind)”.

When we wanted to put on his winter boots he said “D’Schue send e chli chli, weisch, mini Fuess e chli gross (The shoes are a bit small, my feet are a bit big, you know).