Speaking progress

Keagan wanted to take a little bowl of chocolate sprinkles to daycare to share with the other kids. Because I don’t like to fight about little things in the morning I didn’t stop him. When Susanna picked him up in the evening she told him, that they sure were very happy about the chocolate and he answered “and very very pleased” 🙂

Baby Entertainer

This afternoon Keagan was entertaining Vivi by shacking the arc of the baby blanket. She really enjoyed it.
Before, when we went for a walk, Keagan had had a major meltdown because I was carrying Vivi in the baby sling but he wanted to be carried too. Only by me of course. Andrea offered to carry him, but she was declared an unfit substitute. I then told Keagan that it is now Vivi’s turn because she can’t walk yet but he would only get more miserable. When we were back at Haldimann’s place he calmed down again and explained to Susanna on the phone the big news that Vivi can’t walk.

Word constructions

I had to bring a load of computers to one of my clients so I had to drive the delivery van and after work I picked up Keagan from day care with this vehicle. He was very happy so sit on the co-driver-seat and called the van “Daddys big big postauto bus” but I then explained to him that Postautos are yellow, so he changed it to “Daddys big big white white postauto bus” 🙂

Grandpapa is gone

Yesterday was my grandfathers funeral. He died last Saturday after being diagnosed with cancer less then 4 weeks before. Keagan and I visited him two days before his death and he was still smiling and cracking jokes.

I have very fond memories of my childhood when I stayed at their place in the vineyards close to Lausanne. He was a mechanic and he would often construct things for me. He taught me to cycle on a little street in the vineyards and I was allowed to help harvesting the grapes in autumn which was something very special. It was always fun to spend time with him. When I was acting silly he would always call me “Guaggechopf”.

He was a very warm and friendly person and we loved him really dearly. We will miss him a lot.


(Grandpapa with Sarah and Keagan watching the otters in Zoo Zurich last Summer)