Keagan’s camera

Keagan got from his godfather a very sturdy digital camera from Fisher Price. He’s completely in love with it and whenever something remotely exciting happens he says “I have to get my camera!”. What he didn’t get yet is the fact, that not always in life bigger means better. He is really proud that his camera is so big and  pities me for my very compact one :-). On the other hand his camera is waterproof and mine isn’t and so he offered me very kindly that I could use it whenever I feel the need to take underwater photos.

That’s one of his many self portraits (the camera has no macro function and so the close pictures are a bit out of focus):

and this is little series of photos he shoot of our christmas eve dinner with my sister Sarah and my mother. He definitely has talent!

What a nice evening

After a very busy day at work I picked Keagan up and we went to the forest to see the really lovely Unter-Weg-s walk.


When we came back Susanna had prepared her amazingly delicious homemade gnocchi with a creamy basil tomato sauce. I can’t really imagine how a Monday could get better!