Indian food

A scout friend came over for dinner and we used this opportunity to cook a really nice meal with poultry tomato and salmon pumpkin curry, a dhal and naan (thanks to Carola for the brilliant recipe!). It was sooo delicious!


For lunch Keagan and I met Sarah in Hiltl and we enjoyed a really nice meal. It’s still my favorite address in Zurich for an affordable lunch. Keagan didn’t really care for the food (Sarah and I had to eat his spaghetti) but he loved to be allowed to use the tablecloth as a gigantic drawing surface.

Winter in Aarau

This was the view from our kitchen-window this morning and bellow you can see a picture of Keagan in action in our garden. He’s still very careful in the snow and is not that sure if he likes it or not.

Having Zen Ruffinens over

A while ago we spent a very nice evening with Carola’s parents. We cooked a delicious “Tafelspitz” and  Alex enjoyed especially the fatty beef from Wendelinhof. The quince tarte tartin was also a real winner.