Play date with Lukas

Keagan’s best friend Lukas came over for a play date. They sailed in the box to “Africa” but the place in Africa where no animals are (it’s not supposed to make sense to grown-ups).

On the playground

We just met Keagan’s nursery friend Lukas and his mother on the playground. The boys had lots of fun together and the adults were actually able to have a longer conversation with almost no interuptions. How nice!


Engadin is so gorgeous in October. We enjoy some lovely days with sun, lots of bathing in Bogn Engiadina and even some biking. The evenings we spend with Susanna’s very friendly relatives.

Mood swings

Right now Keagan seems to be on an emotional roller-coaster, changing his mood every two minutes. Ah, the joys of parenting!

Burger King

Today we had the perfect white trash lunch and enjoyed double whopper with fries while Keagan climbed around on the playground castle. Afterwards little one was very happy with his well deserved strawberry sundae.