Feastive Season

Our Christmas was this year on the quiet side. This didn’t stop us from indulging in some really great food. On the 24th we had Sushi à discretion with Anne, Nick and Arnold


and on the 25th we enjoyed the homemade morel terrine and a goose (sorry, forgot to take a photo of the bird)


Speaking progress

In the last weeks Keagan made really amazing progress in his speaking skills. Here a few episodes:

  • In Migros Keagan found a cookie box in the shape of a locomotive. He held it very thight and told Susanna “Ich das really bruuche” (I really really need this!)
  • Wednesday Keagan was at Grandpa’s and ate lots on Lindor Chocolate balls. After 3 balls Keagan insisted, he needed another one. Grandpa then suggested to cut the forth apart and share it. Keagan just said with a very sad look on his face “wär schad!” (would be a real shame!)
  • This morning he found a cookie plate and asked very politely “Döf I eis ha, bitte?” (Can I have one, please?)

Well, it seems that most of his sentences are about sweets. We just hope his pediatrician, who’s not so fond of  giving sweets to kids does not read our blog…


We went to Menziken to visit friends. Keagan got from their daughter Carlotta the most gigantic cookie. He was very impressed and didn’t want to eat it but just hold it very tight while falling asleep on the way home.